Our Story

We cut all our own ash

Our Story

Here at Falconer Hurleys we do our very best to ensure a top quality hurley is produced from the finest of Irish ash, that’s why we go to the forest and select and cut the suitable ash trees.

We guarantee to source the best trees that are suitable, we clean around the roots to ensure the best possible grain in each hurley. When the tree is felled it is brought to the sawmill and carefully cut into boards, that will give the best raw materials that we need for each hurley.

Once the butt is sawed in the mill, the plank needs to be stacked and left dry to the right moisture content. When the planks are dry, we then take them to our workshop where we cut them to shape on the bandsaw and use the spokeshave and plane to get them ready for sanding, the sanding is the important to get a nice finish and balance to the hurley, and it’s then stamped with our brand and gripped to the customers’ requirements.

It is then ready for the field of play.