Falconer - Hurleys

At Falconer Hurleys we cut all our own ash to produce
the finest hurleys for Irelands top players

From Forest to Pitch

The finest ash goes into each hurl

Our Story

In the south of County Kilkenny, on the Waterford, Tipperary borders where GAA is the life blood of the community, Falconer Hurleys is a long established family run business.

Originally founded by Sonny Falconer in 1960 hand made hurleys have been produced and sold from the workshop beside the family home for over 50 years. Falconer Hurleys is now run by Aidan the second generation of the Falconer family.

As his family grew up his son Aidan began as an apprentice at Sonny’s side and together the developed the Falconer Hurleys into both a nationwide and international business that is now
ranked one of the top hurley making companies in Ireland.

Ash trees were sourced locally and Sonny would craft hurleys at the request of individual players. This continues with Aidan we fell our own ash to ensure our customers receive the best quality timber. A speciality of Falconer Hurley’s is handcrafting individual hurleys to meet customers’ requirements.

We are now supplying hurleys to GAA Clubs, to schools, colleges and sports shops both nationwide and internationally. A range of different styles of hurleys are available and we also specialise in tailor made hurleys for individual players.

Falconer Hurley’s manufacture all sizes of hurleys and Goal keeper hurleys ranging from 12″ right up to 37″. Falconer Hurley’s supply various county players from all over the country with hurleys along with both hurling and camogie clubs from all areas of the county.